Special Session on:
Advances in Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Incompressible Flow


Bill Layton, University of Pittsburgh
Chris Kees, Coastal and Hydraulics Lab, US Army Engineer Research and Develoment Center


This session is focused on innovative algorithms for incompressible flows. Important challenges in these flows include coupling with other effects (and uncoupling from them algorithmically), turbulence, boundary effects and the scale required in many computations.

This session encourages submissions that (1) clearly delineate difficulties or limitations with accepted approaches to flow simulations, (2) present new algorithmic ideas that give promise to overcome such difficulties, or (3) give a precise analytical or computational diagnosis of the (previously not understood) mechanism for the computational bottleneck.

Papers and Abstracts:

A Three-Scale Variational Multiscale Method for Incompressible Turbulent Flows in Domains with Moving Boundaries
Ramon Calderer, Arif Masud

An Immersed Boundary Model of Swimming Sheets in a Viscoelastic Fluid
John Chrispell, Lisa Fauci, Michael Shelley

Algorithms for the Simulation of Incompressible Turbulent Mixing
James Glimm

Higher order methods for turbulent air/water flow interacting with moving structures
Christopher E. Kees, Matthew W. Farthing, Ido Akkerman, Yuri Bazilevs

Modern ideas in turbulence confront legacy codes
William Layton