Special Session on:
Advances in Nonlinear and Linear Solvers for Water Resources Applications


Mario Putti, University of Padua, Italy
Carol Woodward, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Within the context of water resources applications, there is a significant and continuing need for effective and scalable solver technologies. Simulators generally couple different physical phenomena, including surface, subsurface flows, geomechanics, and/or atmospheric flows. Often, these simulators must handle multiple scales and large domains. Efficiently preconditioned iterative solvers combined with parallel algorithms need to be used in the solution of the nonlinear and linear systems arising from spatio-temporal discretizations. This session encourages submissions that present (1) innovative nonlinear and linear solver technologies, (2) effective implementations of solver technologies into modern software, and (3) effective uses of solver technologies within water resources applications. Applications in surface hydrology, groundwater, water quality, and meteorology are encouraged.

Papers and Abstracts:

Numerical Analyses of Nonlinear (Semi)Discrete Richards Equation for Finite Difference Schemes: Effects of Capillary Parameters
Rachid Ababou, Mustapha Ghilani, David Bailly

Determination of discharge storage relation using numerical models for homogeneous 2D vertical hillslope
Melkamu Alebachew Ali, Aldo Fiori

A novel procedure for the solution of heterogeneous anisotropic transport problems.
Part 1: the diffusion problem

Costanza Aricò, Tullio Tucciarelli

A novel procedure for the solution of the heterogeneous anisotropic transport problem.
Part 2: the time-dependent flow and convection diffusion problem

Costanza Aricò, Marco Sinagra, Tullio Tucciarelli

Low rank acceleration of symmetric/nonsymmetric preconditioners for the nonlinear Richards equation
Luca Bergamaschi, Angeles Martinez, Mario Putti

Block FSAI Performance with Graph Partitioning in Large Size Subsurface Problems
Nicola Castelletto, Massimiliano Ferronato, Carlo Janna

Mass Conserving Schemes for Saturated Groundwater Flow
Vince Ervin, Lea Jenkins

A non linear scheme and maximum principle for diffusion operators discretized using hybrid schemes
Christophe Le Potier, Amadou Mahamane

Simulating Groundwater Flow in Fractured Porous Media using the Analytic Element Method
Ivan Marin, Edson Wendland, Otto D. L. Strack

Level Set Immersed Boundary Method For The Solution Of Shallow Water Flow
Edie Miglio, Giovanni Russo

Simulating Non-Dilute Transport in Porous Media Using a TCAT-Based Model
Casey Miller, William Gray, C. Tim Kelley, Pamela Birak, Deena Hannoun

Solver strategies to ameliorate barriers to scalable performance for subsurface reacting flow simulations on leadership-class supercomputers using PFLOTRAN
Richard Mills, Barry F. Smith, Jitendra Kumar, Glenn Hammond, Peter C. Lichtner

Adaptive Accuracy Control of Nonlinear Newton-Krylov Methods for Multiscale Groundwater Simulations
Hieu Nguyen, Zhaojun Bai, Emin Dogrul, Tariq Kadir, Charles Brush

Dimensionality reduction in the Geostatistical approach for Hydraulic Tomography
Arvind Saibaba, Peter Kitanidis

Mass conservative domain decomposition for fractured porous media
Tor Harald Sandve, Eirik Keilegavlen, Jan M. Nordbotten

The Algebraic Multigrid Method (AMG) for the Acceleration of Advanced Groundwater Simulation
Peter Thum

Performance of Parallel Linear Iterative Preconditioners and Solvers from a Finite Element Model of Woody Vegetation on Levees
Fred Tracy, Maureen Corcoran

Anderson Acceleration: Algorithms and Implementations
Homer Walker

A scalable nonlinear solver for modeling coupled hydromechanical processes in rainfall-triggered landslides
Joshua White

Anderson Acceleration of Modified Picard Iteration for Variably Saturated Flow
Carol Woodward, Homer Walker, Ulrike Yang, P. Aaron Lott