Special Session on:
Advances in Nonlinear and Linear Solvers for Water Resources Applications


Mario Putti, University of Padua, Italy
Carol Woodward, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


Within the context of water resources applications, there is a significant and continuing need for effective and scalable solver technologies. Simulators generally couple different physical phenomena, including surface, subsurface flows, geomechanics, and/or atmospheric flows. Often, these simulators must handle multiple scales and large domains. Efficiently preconditioned iterative solvers combined with parallel algorithms need to be used in the solution of the nonlinear and linear systems arising from spatio-temporal discretizations. This session encourages submissions that present (1) innovative nonlinear and linear solver technologies, (2) effective implementations of solver technologies into modern software, and (3) effective uses of solver technologies within water resources applications. Applications in surface hydrology, groundwater, water quality, and meteorology are encouraged.