General Session Proceedings

Numerical Flow Experiments on Samples of Heterogeneous Unsaturated Porous Media: Upscaling of Permeability-Pressure Curve
Rachid Ababou, David Bailly, Adrien Poutrel

The effect of mechanical dispersion on miscible density-driven instabilities in a Hele-Shaw cell with horizontal flow
Jean-Régis Angilella, Hung-Truong Trieu, Constantin Oltéan, Eric Lefèvre, Michel Buès

Assessment of Land Use Land Cover Changes In Middle Godavari (G-5) Sub Basin Of River Godavari Using RS And GIS
A.S. Chandra Bose, Gorti Kasi Viswanadh, M.V.S.S. Giridhar, P. Sridhar

Morphometric Analysis At Miniwatershed Level Using Gis
A.S. Chandra Bose, Gorti Kasi Viswanadh, M.V.S.S. Giridhar

A Multi-Dimensional Particle Tracking Computer Program For Environmental Research And Study
Hwai-Ping Cheng, Matthew Farthing

Parameter Estimation And Uncertainty Quantification Of Multiphase Subsurface Flow Models By A New Adaptive Delayed Acceptance Metropolis Hastings Algorithm
Tiangang Cui, Colin Fox, Mike O’Sullivan

Fugacity-Based Modeling Of Contaminant Transport During Floods
Miranda Deda, Marco Massabo, Mattia Fiorini, Roberto Rudari

Full Tensor Representation of Anisotropy in Hydraulic Conductivity: Effects on simulating discharge of groundwater to lakes
Carlos Duque, Peter Engesgaard, Majken Looms

Numerical Flow Field Characterization Of The Ripple-Dune Amalgamation Process
Christian Frias, Jorge Abad

Adjoint Methodology to Simulate Stream Depletion due to Pumping in a Non-linear Coupled Groundwater and Surface Water System
Scott Griebling, Roseanna Neupauer

Region Growing Based Segmentation For The Estimation Of Transmissivity Zone Structure
Georgios Kopsiaftis, Nokolaos Doulamis, Aristotelis Mantoglou

Hydraulic Performance Graph-Based Model For Unsteady Flow Simulations In Topologically Complex River Networks
Arturo Leon, Tseganeh Zekiewos, Rachelle Valverde, Julia Rask

Two-Phase Simulation Of A Variable Rate Infiltration Experiment
Valentina Luvisotto, Gabriele Manoli, Oscar Cainelli, Alberto Bellin, Marco Marani

Numerical Modeling of Ogee Crest Spillway and Tainter Gate Structure of a Diversion Dam on Cañar River, Ecuador
Viviana Morales, Talia Tokyay, Marcelo Garcia

Effect Of Root Water And Solute Uptake On Solute Transport In Soils: A 3D Simulation Study
Natalie Schröder, Mathieu Javaux, Jan Vanderborght, Bernhard Steffen, Harry Vereecken

The Effect Of Macro-Kinetic Solutes On Human Health Risk With Time-Dependent Exposure
Erica Siirila, Reed Maxwell

Effect of Woody Vegetation on Hydraulic Conductivity at Various Levee Systems Using Numerical Models
Fred Tracy, Maureen Corcoran

Tabulation of saturation models
Dragan Vidovic

Analysis Of Accuracy In Formation Of Reduced Order Model
Corey Winton, C.T. Kelley, Stacy Howington, Owen Eslinger, Amanda Hines

Analytical-numerical solutions for density dependent flow in a free flow media
Ali Zidane, Anis Younes, Peter Huggenberger, Eric Zechner

3-D Versus 2-D Modeling Of Natural Aquifers: The Experimental Site Of Settolo, Italy
Francesco Zovi, Matteo Camporese, Paolo Salandin