Special Session on:
Numerical Methods for Waves, Circulation and Transport in the Coastal Ocean


Clint Dawson, University of Texas at Austin
Casey Dietrich, University of Texas at Austin


This session is focused on innovative numerical methods for modeling hydrodynamic processes in the coastal ocean.  These processes include water circulation, air-sea coupling, waves and wave-breaking, density-driven flows, saltwater intrusion, contaminant transport, and sediment erosion/deposition.  Numerical methods which accurately model coupled flow and transport at multiple scales are required. Applications of these models include coastal inundation, coastal geomorphology, oil spills, wetland ecology, studying coastal protection systems, and freshwater/saltwater interaction.  This session encourages submissions on numerical algorithms, model coupling, large-scale parallel implementation and applications of coastal ocean models.

Papers and Abstracts:

Modeling Lake Michigan Hydrodynamics: A Parallel Way
Sultan Ahmed, Cary Troy

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Variable Density Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport
Clint Dawson, Timothy Povich

Surface Trajectories of Oil Transport along the Northern Coastline of the Gulf of Mexico
Joel Dietrich, Clint Dawson, Corey Trahan, Rick Luettich Jr.

A Boussinesq Scaling Approach to Solving Near Shore Phase Resolving Nonlinear Waves
Aaron Donahue, Andrew Kennedy, Yao Zhang, Joannes Westerink

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Modeling of Wave Energy Dissipation
Majid Dorri, Keyvan Asghari, Mohammad Chamani

Development of a Coastal Inundation Model using a Triangular Discontinuous Galerkin Method
Shivasubramanian Gopalakrishnan, Francis Giraldo

Aspects of a Hydrologic/Hydrodynamic Coupled Model System with Application to Coastal Inundation in North Carolina
Randall Kolar, Kendra Dresback, Jason Fleming, Richard Luettich Jr, Evan Tromble

Non-Gaussian Data Assimilation with Stochastic Boussinesq Equations for Coastal Ocean Dynamics
Pierre Lermusiaux, Thomas Sondergaard, Matt Ueckermann, Themis Sapsis, Pat Haley

Computationally Efficient Numerical Model for the Evolution of Directional Ocean Surface Waves
Matt Malej, Arnaud Goullet, Wooyoung Choi

ERDC's Coastal Storm Modeling System: Systems Integration
Chris Massey, Ty Wamsley

A fully coupled unstructured-grid model for wind wave-current interaction in large-scale applications
Y. Joseph Zhang, Aron Roland, Harry Wang

Numerical Modeling Of Nonlinear Water Waves With Sigma Coordinate And Layer Thickness Optimization
Ling Zhu, Q. Jim Chen, Xiaoliang Wan