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General Session

Special Sessions:

Advances in Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Incompressible Flow

Advances in Heterogeneous Computing for Water Resources

Advances in Nonlinear and Linear Solvers for Water Resources Applications

Advancing the Prediction Skill and Efficiency of Flood Inundation Models in a Data-Rich Environment: Algorithm Design, Meshing, Coupling and Parameter Estimation

Applying High-Performance Computing for Scientific Discovery within Real-World Problems

CO2 Sequestration

Computational Ecohydrology

Coupled Atmosphere-Surface-Subsurface Models

Data-driven Approaches for Water Resources Forecasting and Knowledge Discovery

High-Dimensional Computational Modeling of Rivers and Streams

Honoring the Career and Contributions of University of Illinois Alumnus, George Pinder

Hybrid Multiscale Models in Subsurface Flow and Transport

Linking Observation and Prediction: Frameworks for Data Assimilation, Uncertainty Analysis and Valuing Information

Mixing and Reactions across Scales in Porous Media

Modeling and Analytics for Hydrologic Impact Assessments due to Climate Change

Multiphase and Pore-Scale Modeling: Challenges and Perspectives

Numerical Methods for Waves, Circulation and Transport in the Coastal Ocean

Optimization and Uncertainty Analysis of Water Resources from a Systems Perspective

Subsurface Biogeochemistry and Reactive Transport Modeling

Transforming Water Resource Management with Open-Source Community Tools