Special Session on:
CO2 Sequestration


Ruben Juanes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Holger Class, Universitat Stuttgart

Featured Speaker:

Jan Martin Nordbotten, University of Bergen, "Novel approaches for modeling migration and trapping at geologic scale"


The injection of carbon dioxide (CO2) into deep geological formations is a promising tool for reducing atmospheric CO2 emissions and mitigating climate change. To achieve a climate-relevant contribution, large-scale implementation of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects is required. However, at present, most CCS projects operate at the pilot scale, and provide only very limited data. Lack of data is a major challenge for mathematical and numerical models to be applied on large scales. Moreover, many aspects of the fundamental physics of migration and trapping of CO2 are not fully understood, and incorporating the relevant small-scale processes into the large-scale domains of interest is a pressing challenge for current simulation tools. This session seeks contributions that address these challenges, to improve our fundamental understanding of geologic CO2 storage, our ability to model it at different scales, and to assess risk with few data available.

We encourage submissions that address one or more of the following topics, among others: (1) Pore-scale processes of CO2 displacement, dissolution and reactions; (2) Migration and trapping at the geologic scale; (3) Novel modeling approaches for CO2-brine subsurface flows; (4) High-resolution simulation of CO2-brine unstable flows (viscous, capillary, and gravity instabilities); (5) Computational strategies for data assimilation and monitoring; (6) Methods for risk assessment that deal with uncertainty and data scarcity; (7) Evaluation of leakage through wells and faults by coupling flow with geomechanics; (8) Modeling of enhanced geothermal systems and enhanced oil recovery with CO2 as a working fluid.

Papers and Abstracts:

Laboratory Measurements of Large-Scale Flows in Carbon Sequestration
Scott Backhaus

Pore-scale investigation of unstable viscous and capillary fluid displacement using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics
Uditha Bandara, Alexandre Tartakovsky, Bruce Palmer

Development, verification and application of a coupled multiphase flow and reactive transport simulator for simulation of CO2 storage in saline aquifers
Sebastian Bauer, Bastian Graupner, Dedong Li, Katharina Benisch, Christof Beyer

CO2 Geological Sequestration: a Numerical Study in a Real Multi-Compartment Reservoir in the Northern Adriatic Sea, Italy
Nicola Castelletto, Pietro Teatini, Carlo Janna, Giuseppe Gambolati, Massimiliano Ferronato

Three-Dimensional Gas Migration Model for the Leroy Natural Gas Storage Facility
Mingjie Chen, Jeffery Wagoner, Thomas Buscheck, Laura Chiaramonte, Joshua White

Optimization of Geological Carbon Sequestration using Semi-Analytical Leakage Models linked to a Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm
Brent Cody, Ana Gonzalez-Nicolas, Domenico Bau

Natural Convection in Saline Aquifers with Heterogeneous Permeability
Don Daniel, Amir Riaz, Hamdi Tchelepi

Impact of tight horizontal layers on dissolution trapping in geological carbon storage
Maria Elenius, Sarah Gasda

Simulation of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Leakages in Fractured Porous Reservoir
Souheil Ezzedine, Ilya Lomov, Walter McNab

Three dimensional high-resolution simulation of convective mixing
Xiaojing Fu, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes

Sensitivity analysis in numerical simulation of multiphase flow for CO2 storage in saline aquifers using the probabilistic collocation approach
Oscar Garcia-Cabrejo, Albert Valocchi

Effective Models for CO2 Migration in Geological Systems With Varying Topography
Sarah Gasda, Halvor Nilsen, Helge Dahle

Stochastic analysis of factors affecting the leakage of CO2 from injected geological basins
Ana González-Nicolás, Brent Cody, Domenico Baù

Effect of heterogeneity on the miscible displacement of fluids
Juan J. Hidalgo, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes

Counter-Current Relative Permeability and Immobilization of CO2 in Saline Aquifers
Mohammad Javaheri, Dalad Nattwongassem, Kristian Jessen

Modeling Flow and Transport during Enhancement in EGS Reservoirs
Dimitrios Karvounis, Patrick Jenny

Modeling Fine-scale Capillary Heterogeneity in Multiphase Flow of CO2 and Brine in Aquifer Cores
Boxiao Li, Sally Benson, Hamdi Tchelepi

Uncertainty Quantification in Three dimensional Flow, Transport and Geomechanical Simulations in Discrete Fracture Network
Ilya Lomov, Souheil Ezzedine, Fredric Ryerson, Lee Glascoe

Model for CO2 leakage through a fault with multiphase and non-isothermal effects
Chuanhe Lu, Yunwei Sun, Yue Hao, Joshua White, Laura Chiaramonte

Gravity currents arrested by convective mixing
Christopher MacMinn, Michael Szulczewski, Juan Hidalgo, Ruben Juanes

Assessing Impact of CO2 Leakage in Groundwater Aquifers in the Presence of Data Uncertainties
Kayyum Mansoor, Yunwei Sun, Edwin Jones, Whitney Trainor-Guitton, Susan Carroll

Coupled Multiphase Flow and Geomechanics for Analysis of Caprock Damage During CO2 Sequestration Operations
Mario Martinez, Joseph Bishop, Pania Newell

A Multiscale Approach to Upscaling Multi-Species Reactive Transport from Pore to Macro Scale with Applications to CO2 Sequestration
Yashar Mehmani, Tie Sun, Matthew Balhoff, Steven Bryant, Peter Eichhubl

Basin-scale Modeling of CO2 Sequestration in the Basal Sandstone Reservoir of the Illinois Basin—Improving the Geologic Model and Evaluating Risk to Groundwater
Ed Mehnert, James Damico, Scott Frailey, Hannes Leetaru, Roland Okwen

A multi-rate dual porosity model for improved simulation of immiscible displacement and component transfer in highly heterogeneous and fractured media
Insa Neuweiler, Marco Dentz, Sebastian Geiger

Novel approaches for modeling migration and trapping at geologic scale
Jan Martin Nordbotten, Michael Celia

Improvements in Simplified Modeling of CO2 Geologic Sequestration
Yagnadeepika Oruganti, Srikanta Mishra

Characterizing small-scale migration behavior of sequestered CO2 in a realistic 2D geological fabric
Priya Ravi Ganesh, Dr. Steven Bryant, Dr. Timothy Meckel

An unfitted method for two-phase flow in fractured porous media
Anna Scotti, Alessio Fumagalli

A Global Sampling-Based Method for Integrating Physics-Specific Subsystems and Assessing Uncertainty Propagation of CO2 Geological Sequestration
Yunwei Sun, Whitney Trainor-Guitton, Kayyum Mansoor, Edwin Jones, Susan Carroll

The Hydrogeologic Environment for Carbon Sequestration: An Analysis of Abnormal Pressures
Jon Sykes, Stefano Normani, Yong Yin

Convective mixing at late times: simulations and experiments
Michael Szulczewski, Ruben Juanes

Estimating Wellbore Permeability of Potential CO2 Leakage Pathway
Qing Tao, Dean Checkai, Steven Bryant

Optimization of Geothermal Circulation Coupling Surface Dissolution CO2 Storage
Qing Tao, Steven Bryant

Nonlinear solver based on flux-function trust-regions for accurate modeling of CO2 plume migration in aquifers
Hamdi Tchelepi, Xiaochen Wang

Uncertainty Quantification of the CO2 Storage System for a Hypothetical GCS Project in the Southern San Joaquin Basin in California
Haruko Wainwright, Stefan Finsterle, Quanlin Zhou, Jens Birkholzer

Modeling concepts to address risk of brine infiltration into shallow groundwater resources
Lena Walter, Holger Class, Philip J. Binning, Bernd Flemisch, Sergey Oladyshkin

A Novel Fully Coupled Geomechanical Model for CO2 Sequestration in Fractured and Porous Brine Aquifers
Philip Winterfeld, Yu-Shu Wu

Capillary Pinning of CO2 Gravity Currents
Benzhong Zhao, Christopher MacMinn, Michael Szulszewski, Herbert Huppert, Ruben Juanes