Special Session on:
Coupled Atmosphere-Surface-Subsurface Models


Reed M. Maxwell, Colorado School of Mines
Stefan J. Kollet, Bonn University


Global change poses worldwide challenges to water resources, resulting in a ubiquitous need for predictions and uncertainty estimates of water resources across various space and time scales to develop management and mitigation strategies. Recent studies suggest a strong potential for integrated simulation platforms to quantify fluxes within terrestrial water and energy cycles from the subsurface across the land surface into atmosphere. The transitioning of spatial and temporal scales over multiple orders of magnitude (e.g. watershed to continent and second to decadal) opens new ways of simultaneously utilizing in-situ and remotely sensed observations, emphasizing the developing reciprocity of numerical and experimental studies.

Abstracts are invited on new simulation advancements in coupled atmosphere-surface-subsurface modeling considering water, energy, and e.g. CO2 fluxes. An additional focus is the connection of these concepts with in-situ and remotely sensed observations via e.g., data assimilation approaches and different post-processing techniques. We are interested in a range of scales and scaling e.g., point measurements of soil moisture and temperature, mesoscale and LES simulations to continental water storage change estimates. Abstracts may contribute to the understanding of complex non-linear interactions of the water and energy cycles; model-data integration; prediction uncertainty; and up/down scaling in addition to focusing on applications and model development.