Special Session on:
Mixing and Reactions across Scales in Porous Media


Marco Dentz, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA), Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Barcelona, Spain
Diogo Bolster, Notre Dame University


Porous media exhibit physical and chemical heterogeneities on multiple scales ranging from the pore to reservoir scale. In general, mixing and chemical reactions are well understood for situations that are characterized by temporal and spatial scales over which local scale physical equilibrium holds so that the support volume can be considered equivalent to a well-mixed reactor. In such idealized situations reactive transport can be modeled by the advection-dispersion equation combined with source terms and boundary conditions to account for chemical reactions. Typically in practice, at hydrologically relevant temporal and spatial scales, such local equilibrium conditions are not fulfilled and the observed reaction and mixing dynamics cannot be explained by a local scale reactive transport approach adapted to the coarse grained support scale. Physical and chemical heterogeneity impact both large scale mixing and reaction. Lack of complete mixing can in turn lead to anomalous behaviors. The aim of this session is to discuss modeling and upscaling approaches to understand and quantify the diverse (anomalous) reaction and mixing phenomena observed in heterogeneous porous media. Key words for this session include: Eulerian and Lagrangian approaches for mixing quantification and reactive transport modeling, pore-scale models, multiscale models, multicontinuum approaches, stochastic-convective approaches, Lagrangian and Eulerian upscaling methods, hybrid models, PDF approaches for the quantification of concentration statistics, chaotic mixing, mixing models.

Papers and Abstracts:

Anomalous Transport as a Driver for Incomplete Mixing and Anomalous Reactions
Diogo Bolster, David Benson, Tanguy Le Borgne, Pietro de Anna, Alexandre Tartakovsky, Marco Dentz

Transverse mixing enhancement in heterogeneous anisotropic porous media
Gabriele Chiogna, Massimo Rolle, Alberto Bellin

Understanding the Evolution of Miscible Viscous Fingering Patterns
Jane Chui, Birendra Jha, Michael Szulszewski, Ruben Juanes

Transverse Mixing in Heterogeneous Aquifers
Olaf Cirpka, Felipe P.J. de Barros, Gabriele Chiogna, Massimo Rolle, Wolfgang Nowak

Upscaling of transport in correlated non Gaussian velocity fields: consequences for modeling mixing and reactions in porous media
Pietro De Anna, Tanguy Le Bornge, Alexander Tartakovsky, Marco Dentz, Diogo Bolster

Mixing and Reaction in Heterogeneous Media
Marco Dentz

A reduced-order model of fluid mixing in strongly heterogeneous porous media
Birendra Jha, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Ruben Juanes

A Novel Transition Rate Transformation Method For Solute Transport
Jiang Jianguo, Jichun Wu

The Pruned-enriched Method for Simulations of Continuous Time Random Walks
Jichun Wu, Jianguo Jiang

Modeling Bacterial Transport with Horizontal Gene Transfer in Porous Media
Tamir Kamai, Nanxi Lv. Arash Massoudieh, Thanh Nguyen, Timothy Ginn

Macroscopic Modeling of Anomalous Transport on Heterogeneous Lattice Networks
Peter Kang, Marco Dentz, Tanguy Le Borgne, Ruben Juanes

Persistence of incomplete mixing in heterogeneous porous media
Tanguy Le Borgne, Marco Dentz, Philippe Davy, Diogo Bolster, Jesus Carrera

Lagrangian Chaos and Mixing in Porous Media
Daniel Lester

Agent-Based Simulation of Reactive Solute Transport
Daniel McInnis, Patricia Maurice, Diogo Bolster, S.M. Niaz Arifin, R. Ryan McCune

Modelling of Non-Fickian Transport in Laboratory Sand Columns: The Role of Solute Heterogeneity
Daniel McInnis, Diogo Bolster, Patricia Maurice

A novel computational framework for bimolecular diffusive-reactive systems
Kalyana Nakshatrala, Albert Valocchi, Maruti Kumar Mudunuru

Comparison of Chaotic Flows for Plume Spreading in Aquifers
Roseanna Neupauer, David Mays

Scaling of Reactive Transport in Fracture Networks: A Fermionic Network Approach
Christos Nicolaides, Peter K. Kang, Luis Cueto-Felgueroso, Marco Dentz, Ruben Juanes

Incomplete Mixing and reaction in heterogeneous porous media: A particle based numerical study
Amir Paster, Diogo Bolster

Multicomponent Reactive Transport Modeling In A 1d Column
Jasson Piña, Leonardo Donado, Martha Bustos

Anomalous transport of strontium in reactive porous media
Valentina Prigiobbe, Marc Hesse, Steven Bryant

Evaluating effective reaction rates of kinetically driven solutes in large-scale, statistically anisotropic media: implications of pore scale mixing and preferential flow pathways at the field scale
Erica Siirila, Reed Maxwell

Global Random Walk Solutions to PDF Evolution Equations
Nicolae Suciu, Călin Vamoş, Sabine Attinger, Peter Knabner

Pore-scale determination of macroscopic coefficients for macroscale modeling of reactive transport flow in porous media
Clément Varloteaux, Vu Minh Tan, Bekri Samir, Adler Pierre, Vizika Olga

Quantifying Mixing and Subsequent Reactions Across a Heterogeneous Porous Interface
Ricky Villarreal, Diogo Bolster

Quantifying the impact of viscosity variations induced by a chemical reaction on mixing efficiency in porous media
Hongkyu Yoon, Scott Davison, Mario Martinez, Thomas Dewers